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Angel Alexi


Angel Alexi


“We lost our baby girl at 12.45 am yesterday. She had my lips and eyes and Papang’s long arms and legs. Let’s pray for her soul. We thank our families and friends for being our strength.” 


This was the message registered on my sister Dyan’s facebook wall, July 13, 2011. Her baby girl Alexi passed away just minutes after her premature birth. She came out 4 months early and she wouldn’t have survived any longer than she did because her lungs were still underdeveloped. It was not meant to be.

Today is my son’s 11th month birthday and as I celebrate this milestone in his life, I pay tribute to my niece Alexi.

It’s hard to say goodbye to you our little Angel Alexi, but we have to let you go. You have made your Papang Ruswell and Mamang Dyan happy with your delicate touch and sweet presence, no matter how short your visit was. We know peace and serenity will be yours always in God’s Kingdom where you belong.

I wasn’t able to personally get a glimpse of your fragile body but deep in my heart, you will always remain. You have become part of me and our family. Your bittersweet departure will be a constant reminder for us that we have an angel in you and that we have to keep the faith alive.

I am a mother and I understand how painful it is for your mom to bear your passing but I admire her for showing dignity in moments of weakness. She inspires me and other people with this. I thank your dad for showing his love and care for your mom in those trying times. He’s a treasure to behold.

We love you, our dear Alexi. So long…